Sustainable and affordable energy for your home

With clean solar power, you can drastically lower, if not eliminate entirely, your public power bill.

We have over 15 years of cumulative experience in consulting and installing state-of-the-art solar power PV systems.

Satisfying your energy needs

For Home and Business

As one of California's leading solar power contractors, we have over 15 years of cumulative experience in consulting and installing state-of-the-art solar power PV systems that will help negate your need for public utility power and provide green energy to sustain your family.

Residential solar

Our signature home solar systems offer exceptional energy savings, are durable and come with a 25-year warranty; and we're more than happy to provide affordable financing options.

Commercial solar

With Prime Home Solutions, you can experience clean, uninterrupted power throughout the years without the need of overpaying your local utility company.

Prime Power Box

Installing our prime power box can significantly reduce your exposure to harmful EMF frequencies, safeguard your electronics, improve audio/video clarity in your media devices and extend the lifespan of your appliances.


While we're known throughout California for our solar power installation prowess, we also offer exceptional roofing installations for cost-effective prices.

Windows & doors

Nearly 20-30% of your home's heating and cooling are lost through your doors and windows, but with our installations, you won't have to worry.


We offer expert HVAC services that can keep your home or business climate-controlled for a very reasonable price.

I rarely recommend a company, but if you are frustrated with high PG&E bills, trust me - it's worth giving Brent a call. My wife and I just finished adding 27 more solar panels (already had 20 from our initial home build - wasn't enough) with Brent Baker and his company, Prime Home Solutions. Imagine having a minimal or no PG&E bill...

Judith Black
El Dorado Hills, CA

A company that will fight for you! Prime worked with us at every step too make sure the install was top notch and what we wanted finding us high quality panels at a bargain and fighting the loan company when they wanted to back out of a signed agreement we had. Pick Prime if you want the best customer experience and a company that cares!

Debra J.
Grass Valley, CA

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